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03-15-2013, 01:00 PM
Originally Posted by woodwhity View Post
Worst part about Mine Trapo are the leechers. And they seem to increase in numbers.
Originally Posted by cryptiecop View Post
Yeah, this morning was horrible with the afk leechers...what a waste of everyones time...
I agree. Just came out of a mine trap now and every team had 2 afk leechers.

You know, it makes you really wonder what inept person is in charge of the design of these levels. This is absurd and there is no excuse for it. MMO's have been dealing with AFK farmers since 1990 and there are established do's and do not's in game design for this.

DO NOT award ANYTHING to players that don't contribute. Easy concept..yet it seems it is far beyond cryptic designer understanding. What pi?ata did they get their degree in again?

How HARD is it really.. to simply have the game award 0 rewards to a player that deals no damage and that is not in the end zone when the map ends?

How hard is it to put a check every 1/4th of the map timer to see if the player has done more damage than in the previous check and if he fails to have added to his damage 50% of the checks it automatically zeros out the rewards?