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03-15-2013, 02:28 PM
Originally Posted by jonnyreload View Post
Well if it costs so much dilithium/resources/etc..... Why not make them desirable then? I mean if they are really cheap hangar bay pets then it's gonna be obvious to everyone that this was just a blatant scam to milk more Dilithium out of the community... Which is economicly illogical. With a scam, once someone is duped, word spreads fast and no one else rushes to dump all their resources in that tier, if there are good items in that tier 5 project, everyone and their mother are gonna be farming like crazy and spending real world cash on Dilithium just to get to the project.

I mean it feels like the Elite Scorpion from the Rep System might actually be costing Cryptic profits at this point since you don't really need anything except time to pick up the best Hangar Pets in the game.
I am not exactly sure why cryptic made the elite weapons bad, but they did and have never indicated that they will change it.
The elite ship/ground items aren't as good as the set stuff either.
Science is hard (because cryptic thinks the sci/med doff discrepancy is hilarious) but if the other elite stuff isn't very good then neither is the pets.

And why do t1 vs t5 ships even exist anyways?
Is the fleet oddy/bortasq worth t5 without the consoles and the variants?

I don't think it will be rethought until a larger percentage of the fleets acquire those ranks and cryptic will probably make it make more sense as well as make is more accessible