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Jacob steps into his suit. As the systems come online but the familiar greeting.of Roland is empty.
PACES: Sir, Commander Matthews asked me to fill you in on what we've found.

*PACES fills Halsey in.

Outside, Armada is flying with the Allied Fleet formation before spinning around, still flying forward, and looking back at the fleet - namely the Harvest.*

Blake: C'mon, man...

PACES: Sir, the Armour has been bought online.

Blake: Thanks PACES.

*He spins back, looking at the enemy fleet now. Suddenly, the Vanguard Shuttle pulls up alongside. Hawk's piloting and looks at him, giving a two-fingered salute. Blake nods inside the Armour.*

Combat mode.

*His HUD goes from blue to red as the fleet nears the enemy.*

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