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Originally Posted by zerobang View Post
dil mining is soooo easy... if you screw that up... i don't know what to say

you can easily do 800 - 1000 every single round

out of 50 tries (over a week) i screw up maybe once because i get so bored that i stop paying attention to the screen and my brain zones out for a few seconds... (if i get that bored, it is not fun, therefore not worth doing)

by now i only go directly to the rich dilithium vein from those lockbox drops and ignore the other 5... not saying no to 5000 extra dil per day, good thing i did only get like 50 of those mining claims, i know guys that have enough mining claims to do it for a year every day, and they only play 2 days a week...

oh and i think... if you make more than 800 you get a rare trace guaranteed, if you get less you only get the common anomalies... the amount of both is random
What are you using for keys?

I currently use my keyboard arrow keys and my highest score was 700 or 800 something per node.
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