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03-15-2013, 02:05 PM
Originally Posted by origipimp View Post
I remember you saying something about a "Beam Build" for the Vesta class, and I was wondering if you could post that setup?
it is a work in progress. I was hesitating, because the equipment for it is expensive, and I wanted to save some dili for the new stuff in five days. if its a new faction, I would obviously need to unlock a char slot for it. that is solved tho (unless it will be a paying faction, but then I would not care for it much), I am buying the last rly decisive equipment now (but even then, I am not at the best possible or accaptable state).

at this point it is dealing 8k consistant dps tho, so it should be fine for posting soon (on sunday maybe after I have seen the results with the new stuff)

edit.: first two runs indicate a flat 1-2k dps bonus

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