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03-15-2013, 03:20 PM
I whole-heartedly agree with this. As I mentioned in my comment on the StarbaseUGC post, it's something that has been needed to be added for a while now. Especially seeing as the Transporter rooms that were added yesterday have a different ceiling and a carpeted floor, I would certainly like to be able to make a seamless transition from the transporter room to a custom interior.

Also an addendum to this would be a variety in the wall textures. Federation ones are fairly limited considering the cryptic-made maps and the walls they had in them and that really there's only 1 type of wall that even remotely works.

Also can I have a job working for cryptic? I know there's a game designer position going and I'd be happy to work on the foundry and increasing the textures and details available for UGC authors.

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