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Originally Posted by inosaska View Post
I'm a gamer not federation or klingon but a gamer. You all sadly miss the point with cloak. Everytime I queue for Arena it's either my teammates stop spawning or they quit and never able to finish a game or have fun. The only fun I get is out of playing as klingon for pvp because quiet frank most federation players suck at pvp. Telling me I don't know what I'm doing and thinking im imbecile is quiet frankly stupid of you and makes you look really dumb.

The thing with cloak is it just makes the game completely unfun for federation side since most of the them are usually only geared for pve and skills set up for pve. When it starts to make players leave pvp and stop spawning then it just means that its high time its removed from being usable in pvp. I don't know why some pvpers just enjoy killing the enjoyment of the game.

To me I would rather have my opponents stick around and get some enjoyment instead killing the pvp and possibly shrinking it to point that your facing the same people over and over and over which gets really dull.
Look I really don't know what your on about

If Feds are coming into pvp with pve setup that's their lookout

A bop is designed to hit and run it has 22-24k hull a shield modifier equivalent of a shuttle it is not designed to stick around and go toe to toe with most ships

Your barking up the wrong tree your boat has sailed massively in the wrong direction get off the forum and stop trolling

Fed side don't respawn because statistically they have more leachers it has nothing o do with cloak, carriers, the size of a lollipop
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