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03-15-2013, 03:55 PM
Originally Posted by captainretset View Post
Well, I built the Armitage first. Won't go into the uninventive build now as it obviously needs work but I did a FedvFed and FedvKDF. I went 7:1 and 9:2 with about 290K damage on each. No idea how this fares and I was on the winning team so maybe getting an easy ride.

Still, what a blast! It all seems pretty insane and I'm ashamed to say the only things I looked for on the enemy were health bars and shields!

I went 'auto' on EPtS, TT, Danube launch and tac initiative. I manually selected/madly clicked APs, CRFs, THY, Borg tractor beam and Theta radiation (how much fun was it to dowse a couple of carriers in that muck? ).

The things I learnt were:

1) I don't know what the sci stuff was, I think AP sweep from JHAS pets mainly but I sometimes found myself dead in the water. Perhaps I need Science Team.
2) I had APB1 & APO2. APB is no good when you are tractored so perhaps I should lose CRF3 and have 2 copies of APO? Armitage tac boff layout is Cmdr, Lt., Ens.
3) It's mad ... did I mention that ?
Lolol I would definitely recommend 2 apos apb is great for pve but tac team clears it so

Just keep at it if you wanna roll out some time give me a shout @mustafatennick

Can't remember if o said it already but the best phrase anyone can ever say about sto is practice makes perfect Someone said that toe once and I live by it everytime I log in

As I say im not the best but when I use GDF I GDF it's a bit of either their going down or we are then fireeee everything!
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