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03-15-2013, 07:05 PM
Originally Posted by shockwave85 View Post
Your time always has value, even your leisure time. The most basic way of looking at it is that your time is worth whatever your hourly pay rate at work is. More generally, your time has missed opportunity costs. By doing one thing, you give up doing another. If you spend time grinding dilithium or filling out surveys, that's time you didn't spend playing something else, cleaning your house, enriching yourself, etc. It's only fair you be compensated for it, though considering a full daily load of 8k dil is only worth about 86? US, I don't find that to be much compensation.
So how many dollars did you lose by making, reading, and replying to this thread? After all, it wasn't done on free time. It was done on your hourly rate time via missed opportunity costs.