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03-15-2013, 07:46 PM
Originally Posted by shockwave85 View Post
Your time always has value, even your leisure time. The most basic way of looking at it is that your time is worth whatever your hourly pay rate at work is. More generally, your time has missed opportunity costs.
I wouldn't necessarily set the value of a person's leisure time to be the person's hourly pay at work, but other than that I agree.

My time has value, at least to me. I exchange that time at work in order to get money to exchange for other things I want (or, as I called it back when I played Everquest, "camping my paycheck"). When I play a game, I expect value returned in the form of entertainment. When I clean my apartment, I expect value returned in the form of more pleasant living conditions. When I sleep in on Saturdays, I expect value returned in the form of the hedonistic pleasure of being lazy.

If I take a "free zen" questionnaire, I am exchanging my time for the zen which someone else has purchased with money, just as if I buy zen on the exchange I'm exchanging the time I spent gaining that dilithium for zen someone else has bought.

And, as further anecdotal evidence... if leisure time indeed had no value, then how come every MMO I've ever played has had forums and chat channels debating if a certain build or item is "worth it"? Worth what?