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# 1 Spotlight Missions
03-15-2013, 08:01 PM
G Day All,

Are the spotlight missions actually tested before they go spotlight?

I'm currently rather sick in hospital and just wanna play some STO, having played all the other missions bar foundry ones I like to go in there for something different but I'm getting really sick of poorly designed missions!

I was just in the start of one, (to angry to rem what it was called) it told me to go around looking for these markers, now they where marked on the map but I couldn't visually see them WTF, I don't want to fly aimlessly around a map looking for crap I want to fight.

Is it at all possible to get a list of Spotlight missions that are actually playable please?

Some of the other foundry missions that are not spotlights are awesome but you don't get spotlight rewards which is unfair, can't the rule just be changed so that a mission that takes at least 30mins per map qualifies as a spotlight mission?

I've played some spotlight mission that the map just changes every 5mins and then your done, they are pathetic and shouldn't have made the list to begin with.

I actually don't want to play the game at all after playing some of these fail missions as it just takes the whole sto feel away from the game and it becomes just a bore fest.