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Originally Posted by lindaleff View Post
[Tell] Charlton d'Burak @db1907: hey there captain, we're recuiting if ur interested in a fleet
[Tell] To Charlton d'Burak @db1907: I'm not going to have him join until he is high enough rank to start loking at Elite Fleet Weapons.
[Tell] Charlton d'Burak @db1907: well u need to build up fleet credit for that
[Tell] To Charlton d'Burak @db1907: Yes, but by the time I reach Admiral, I should have more than enough Marks to do it.
[Tell] Charlton d'Burak @db1907: im affraid its jsut not about fleet marks
[Tell] Charlton d'Burak @db1907: fleet credits are earned by donating to fleet projects and such

[Tell] To Charlton d'Burak @db1907: I am aware. My record is donating 3k Marks at one time.
[Tell] Charlton d'Burak @db1907: my friend, its not about fleet marks...
[Tell] Charlton d'Burak @db1907: u also need fleet credit which is different
[Tell] Charlton d'Burak @db1907: and u earn them by being a fleet...
[Tell] Charlton d'Burak @db1907: anyways, do as u wish, jsut dont be dissapointed. like i said being ina fleet has no harm

[Tell] To Charlton d'Burak @db1907: Each Mark donated is 50 Credits. 3k Marks is 150k Credit. I just need a project to donate to. But I am not going to join a fleet yet.
[Tell] Charlton d'Burak @db1907: lol like i said there's more than fleet marks, but u'll find out one day..
[Tell] Charlton d'Burak @db1907: good luck

[Tell] To Charlton d'Burak @db1907: If you must know, my KDF is level 50, and the highest fleet rank a non-founder can obtain. This is just a new character.
[Tell] Charlton d'Burak @db1907: do as u will, KDF is not the same as FED

This seems to be an epidemic. Everyone thinks Winston Purrchill is a new person entirely. Should I be insulted by this?

That, and fleets are different, but Fed or KDF makes no difference. It is the fleet leaders that dictate the rules and what have you.
Purple dude = NOOB!
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