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03-15-2013, 08:30 PM
SIF keeps the ship from flopping around like a half inflated balloon, it has nothing to do with the exterior of the ship at all.
Supposedly the exterior coatings on the hull are ablative, ie meant to wear off, the ship doesn't operate with it's shields up all the time and no sane captain is going to detail crewman to scrub and paint the hull for minor nicks and scratches that have no bearing on ship performance other than appearances, so I could see microparticle scoring, weapon scorching, exhaust streaking around thrusters and vents and a ton of other things that could "age" and "weather" the ship to give it the look of a working machine in the middle of it's service life.
That said to have this look would require the graphic artists to create a custom skin for every player ship in the game to make it viable as even a purchasable option and that would be no small undertaking.

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