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Originally Posted by tilarta View Post
Allow me to debunk your logic Geth style.

I haven't done the baseline math for c-points>keys>ec>jem'hadar attack ship, but I did do the math for c-points>fleet modules>ec>jem'hadar attack ship.

Note, this was done a few days ago, so not sure of the current price.

I looked at the price of an Attack Ship, then calculated how many fleet modules would be required to purchase it.
The answer was 100.
Each Fleet Module costs 5 dollars.
100x$5=500 dollars.

And as a rough calucation, you'd need 5 keys to equal the value of one fleet module.

Or to look at it another way, if you saved your sub stipend every month, you'd be able to afford an Attack ship in 8 years.

A single ship that costs more then a lifetime sub?
Frozone has an appropriate comment which can be applied here:

If this was the real world, the sellers would be arrested for price fixing.
And I'm pretty sure if someone posts an Attack ship for a low price, it's snapped up in seconds and reposted at the high price.

I'm at the point where I see red and more red everytime Cryptic does this.
I know from bitter experience I'm not going to get an Attack Ship, so why bother doing it over and over again?

And to clarify, I don't want it to satisfy my own ego, I want it to unlock the Attack Ship Hanger pet.
If I had the Attack Ship, I'd then be motivated to spend money to buy the Dreadnaught.
But since I know I'm not going to get the ship, Cryptic loses both the money I would spend trying and the keys I would purchase to acquire the lobi for the Dreadnaught.
Also, I'm a big time Jem'Hadar/Dominion fan, so these ships have an extra special meaning for me.

But I'm getting the strong sense there's a case of elitism going on here:
Elitist Player has an Attack Ship, they don't want it to be commonly available because it will make them less special for having one.
Therefore we're going to actively resist making it available easily.

Cryptic needs to come to their senses and put it in the c-store for a reasonable price!
Say 5 mill per module, lowest JHAS was 287 mill as of 1 hr ago...and yeah, you're pretty much right on...

2 modules = 10 mill / 10.00
4 modules = 20 mill / 20.00
8 modules = 40 mill / 40.00
16 = 80 / 80.00
32 = 160.00 / 160.00
64 = 320.00 / 320.00

That 320.00 would easily buy someone a lifetime sub...and a far better deal vs spending a whole lot of money + monthly sub (for some players) for just 1 ship for 1 character...

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