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03-15-2013, 09:16 PM
It's a long ways off but PCR will probably be the biggest deal videogame tech since video cards (except maybe 3dvr, but that's another discussion).

The reason is for that is simple. CPU/GPU companies always need to keep pushing bigger badder tech out the door. But they also need to make a metric ton of cash to keep developing that tech. PCR is a great excuse for a tech boom. All of those multilayered CPUs that are mostly useless by today's standards? PCR will use them. The ever dropping price of RAM? PCR will make you buy terabytes of RAM for hundreds of dollars a stick. This stuff is big, big bucks and the guys that sell you the awesome hardware you buy now will be all for selling you more hardware.

P.S. I speculate on tech stocks (though not professionally). If I ever see a real push for PCR and I think the tech may be there in a few years, I'm going to be investing a lot of money. But that hasn't happened yet and unless some major breakthrough happens, I don't see the tech being able to make it work in the next 20 years.

P.S.S. What I think (i.e. hope) will happen is that we will have a continued push for smaller and smaller computers and devices on the market and then make a sudden shift back to bigger tech with more power and the power will be so extreme from all of the miniaturization that PCR will suddenly become possible. Things like local vehicle recognition systems, microrobotics, 3dvr and increasing demand for network throughput will be a big part of that switch back but then PCR will be the catalyst for a huge surge in tech development to support it.