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It's sad seeing so many people not getting the point or using this thread to boast with their e-peen. Congratulations, I'm sure the OP also survived 20 other torp spreads before. Doesn't change that this fight and Borg encounters in general are still terribly designed.

Good MMO boss design:

1. Everything can be countered.
2. It is clear to the player when he has to use the counter and what he did wrong if he dies after all

One-shots from full HP are pretty unacceptable unless they have a visible charge time and enough of a window to dodge them (The Tholaron cannon when it's not bugged is a good example on an ability that can and should legitimately one-shot).
With the Torp Spread your only hint is the buff bar, half of which often disappears below the enemies current target... And if 20 debuffs of the team are on it, important buffs can vanish right under that target display. But even if you notice it, you have just 2 or 3 seconds before it hits you. It might be survivable with BFI most of the time, but with one or two crits I call bull**** even on that. I have died to the torp spread in an Assault Cruiser with 59k hull and 45% kinetic resist. BFI on top of that will only add another 4% or so.

(Also counters need to be available to everyone, so BFI or Lt. level abilities are all that might be acceptable counters. Stuff like AuxtoSif3 or Aceton Beam 3 or Subnuke aren't proper counters because not every ship/captain type has access to them and with the current match making you can't be sure the team has them available.)
I don't know what's wrong with your BFI, but my FACR runs with 47% kinetic resist, and when I hit BFI, it jumps up to 70%. I then pop an EPtS3 and TT1, and her torp spreads do almost nothing. I have actually survived 5 TS3s one on top of the other in rapid succession using just that combination. I had to hit an Aux2SIF halfway through the 3rd one, but after that, my kinetic resist was around 72% (almost capped), so it did almost nothing (or what it did do, my passive hull regen and the HE1 I hit partway through #4 picked up easily).

Even her crits don't hurt that much. You just need to spec heavily into kinetic resistance. I always cringe when I see people running full Electroceramic hull armor, and then getting torped into oblivion. If anything, you should run more kinetic resistance, because the main damage from Borg in this game DOESN'T come from their BAs. It comes from their torps and cutting beams, which are KINETIC damage. So... stack the monotanium. Most of my builds run at least 45% kinetic resist, specifically for that purpose.
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