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03-16-2013, 04:41 AM
Originally Posted by fonz71 View Post
4 pages i've read and you are the 1st to offer a real solution... and a good one i might add
It's a well-known solution that's been proposed before. It's up to Cryptic to actually do it. If they did that, and fixed the Borg so they weren't so glitchy. . .and maybe a little tougher. . .then Ker'rat would really be interesting. Less spawn-camp fighting, more skirmishing throughout the map.

I love the open-access, free-flowing nature of Ker'rat. It makes things less predictable, and the tide of battle can change very quickly. Arena combat feels too small and constricting to me most of the time. . .and BoPs aren't quite as useful in arenas because there's less time for subtlety. Can't stalk a target for as long as needed in order to strike at the opportune moment. Capture+Hold matches are better for that.