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03-16-2013, 07:22 AM
Well, I finally upgraded to the fleet Norgh...besides the fact I'd have to sink a thousand zen to get that sexy Ning 'tao skin (although oddly most fed fleet ships get their z store alt skins free as a fleet skin..) and my common sense-o-meter will not let me, the Norgh is a riot to use in Kerrat - and takes quite a beating with a dual epts/tss combination heal cycle while a bit of sci spam annoys the heck out of feddies (delicious decloak tractor is hilarious to use on a fed who is trying to pick on a vo'quv )

One thing I've noticed for a later respec is to put more points in sensors - two purple xii sensor consoles (about 60 points worth) makes life a misery for fed ships trying to use jam/mask/other to 'cloak' and without that, feddies have to hit evasive

On another note, I too have tried getting fellow kdfs to join a team to make tossing heals easier/assisting to murder a pesky timeship (I swear, the guy who designed that time field console needs to be airlocked as there is no defence against it I've found as of yet and its painful combined with an aoe attack) but few if anyone happens to see a purple bop flying in Kerrat (current name An'kou, although for now its renamed disenchanted, of course), feel free to send a team invite