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03-16-2013, 07:23 AM
Short - Fix the bloody "I want to repair my ship fast in ESTF, but every time I pop open my window to heal or swap in gear my frikkin shuttle is in the window instead of my starship" bug

Mid - I'd like them to make "exploration zones" around the edges of the sector maps so instead of being told I can't take my Ody into deep space where she belongs if I hit the edge I just go and hit up exploration missions. Just once instead of hitting a wall I'd like to have my officer say "Permission granted to warp into deep space!" Ideally we would have the "one big sector space map" as well, but I'm flexible on that. Might be a lot of work for very little return to try and replace the current starmap.

Long - True map building, cutscene generating, and possibly a method to add voiceover to foundry missions. I would go on about things like branching dialogs and alternate quest paths but I assume those are the kinds of things we are likely to see anyway, as they are a bit easier to produce. I'd like the ability to generate terrain instead of working with stock settings. Cutscene generation is a must, the immersiveness when they are done well makes up for all the poor attempts people make at them before they get them right =P.

I've thought about the voice over issue and in the past the problems were insurmountable. That was before the Foundry Spotlight. Now issues of content and size can be regulated better by the developers. One of the rewards for having your mission added to the Foundry Spotlight could be granting the author the ability to record and save their own voiceovers to the server. They could then be reviewed for content before being pushed live. It would be beyond what is possible to ask the developers to screen the voice content of every foundry mission out there, but if instead they only needed to vet the limited subset of missions that both won Spotlight and had voiceovers added that day, it would be possible. By limiting it only to winning missions you also set a firm limit on the size you require. It is not as if you need to set aside storage space for every mission to have 1G of voice files attached, only the select few who both won and had the time and desire to add voiceover.
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