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Originally Posted by adamkafei View Post
This means you can have an escort with 1000 max hull and 125 aux power and the cruiser with 5000 max hull and 5 aux power and the cruiser will get a better heal. The same can be done for shield heals and so long as base hull and shield HPs are adjusted accordingly escorts will become glass cannons again
36k hull
turn 8
impulse mod .15(guessing same as other hc)
31 k hull
turn 16
impulse mod .20
27k hull
turn 15
impulse mod .15

these thips are roughly the same size, with the recon sci being largest and heavy cruiser being smallest.
as you can see, escorts are at no disadvantage in hull strength
indeed, they would be have more powerful heals than science ships.
the base hull disparity just is not there.
well, except for bop's, you actually notice their hulls are weak when you get into a fight...
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