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03-16-2013, 08:51 AM
aye, there are a lot of really good stories in the foundry.
and as much as its decent & playable, ''first cause, then effect'' isnt one of them.

for now i wish there where more rating options than just the stars.
checkboxes for
'series' - mission is part of a series
'accolade' - mission exists primarily for gaining titles
'farm' - mission exists for farming drops
'grind' - mission exist for dil reward.

that way i wouldnt have to wade through so much chaff to find content.

farmers would have their own place.

and grinders could get a place for pve challenge content. that rewards based on defeating increasing waves of opponents, timed challenges etc.
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you hate PvE "adventure zones". because the trinity is incompatible with any of these.