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03-16-2013, 10:17 AM
Originally Posted by s7ike View Post
I'd like to throw Aux2batt out the window imo, but my fleet assault i have three ways in which i keep the weapon power high at all times. One being one copy of emergency power to weapons and the use of omega weapon amplifier (2 piece new borg). And lets not forget weapon batteries with the exocomp.
aux2 bat build would include technician doffs meaning all your boff powers are reduced to approximately global cooldown, meaning no need for doubles, faster recycle of pattern omega and tac skills, steady power to ENGINES and shields which will give you more agility (a bit at least) and defense and also adding to the buffness of your shields.

oh and if you use rsp in your build somewhere, that cooldown gets reduced a lot too. so yeah. go aux 2 bat and stop failing cruiser class.

Or buy a vesta, its the better cruiser.