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03-16-2013, 10:45 AM
I set the F5 key to what you said in this post and when I tap it all that reappears is my weapons hud display the bridgecrew display is still missing. The first time I tapped F5 after setting this keybind they both appeared however as soon as I go into rearrange hud display and exit it they both disappear this a bug? I don't know what to do and its very frustrating indeed.

Edit: after further testing and frustration if I do anything to make the hud disappear like pressing ESC or warping to a new sector or anything that makes the hud disappear, I have to tap F5 again to get the weapons part of the hud to reappear again.

The bridgecrew part of the hud is still missing and I can get it back if I do either of the suggestions the poster who said to set a keybind to get it to return, but again as soon as anything is done that makes the hud disappear the bridgecrew part is then gone until I re-enter that keybind thing all over again....very frustrating...also if I load my klingon character everything in the hud works fine.

2nd Edit: I finally figured it out, I guess I had accidently taped the tray button to add a 4th tray and when you do that there must be a bug because your bridgecrew display gets removed instead of adding a 4th tray to put icons in for gameplay. I wish there had been something somewhere that talked about this because it was a lot of frustration for something that should have just added a 4th icon tray and instead removes your bridge crew display.

I guess I should have realized though because everything was fine on my Klingon character and that was because he is not far enough along in the game to have enough skills to fill up even 2 trays so I had not added any trays to his game yet...

Anyway I wanted to post it all here so that if anyone else experiences this problem they don't go through everything I did to fix it, which included a complete re-install because I thought I must have corrupted files....and it turns out the 4th tray screws up your hud display...

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