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Originally Posted by ironphoenix113 View Post
Poor Azera. Sounds like her love life is even more unlucky than Bryan's. Especially considering something has, on multiple occasions, almost seperated them for one reason or another. Hmmm...that gives me an idea for a future entry. Maybe I could...Where was I? OH! Right. Great work!
Thanks! I'll look forward to reading about his romantic misadventures.

Originally Posted by sander233 View Post
Great stuff! I once dated a girl a lot like Auslaz...

I really enjoyed your Andorians as well. The way you constructed their relationship was rather brilliant.

Man, I feel bad for Azera. I've started reading your past LCs and your Personal Logs thread - it seems like nothing ever goes her way. But so much the better to reveal her true character.
I'm glad you liked it! Auslaz might be the character I relate to most: put me in a situation that involves talking to people and I spaz out every bit as much. Even getting tells freaks me out a little...

That's a good point - these last LC's really have been pretty rough for Azera. Her next big story's going to be a hard one too, so maybe she needs some unabashed victories to balance things out. Still, I do love exploring her character, and like you said, the way she handles these kinds of situations says so much about her, such as how quickly she puts aside her own disappointment in this one to be happy for her friends.

Now, for story thoughts!

@cmdrscarlet: You know, the thought of a male Deltan has somehow never crossed my mind. It's fun to see how the men are every bit the irresistible sirens as the women, and while some of the character details may have gone over my head (I'm definitely curious about what marcus meant about mirror universe Daikar), it's still a very concisely told, emotional story.

@gulberat: I like your first-person narrative style, and how smoothly you work observations about the world around Alyosha into his thoughts as he tells the story. And it's the return of Marcus Kane! This is a surprisingly dark take on the Federation (which makes setting it on DS9 a nice thematic touch), but one that gives lots of insight into both their characters.

@sander233: Your story really dramatizes STO's mechanics: I can envision the battle happening just as it would in the game, right down to the explosions. The split between the turbolift and the bridge is a little puzzling (it feels like there should be something to foreshadow it, like a shipwide red alert), but the background on each of the characters is fascinating to read.

More reading and commenting to come.

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