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# 1 Of Romulans and Klingons
03-16-2013, 11:36 AM
The possibility of a Romulan faction waltzing into STO and all the hype that caught up with some people on the forums, reminded me of an old rivalry.

Now, first of all this tread is NOT about:

-Wheather the hype about a Rommie faction is reasonable or not
-Wheather there will be a Romulan faction in the next update or not
-Will the KDF be fully completed before introduction of Romulans
-How a third faction will influence the development of the KDF

What I wanted is to ask is how all the fellow warriors of the KDF would view a RSE faction introduction in STO?

I myself, have always been supportive of the idea to have a Romulan faction in STO. Not because I have an intention of playing as one (okay, if there is a Rom. faction I'd check it out as every human being to see what's new around, but don't intend to play them), but because of what it could bring on the table.
I'm more of a fan of the Klingon - Romulan rivalry and for me having the opportunity to fight against actual Romulan players in their green ships would vastly increase the fun levels of the game. Feds. don't amuse me any more.

Also, I consider the possibility of 3-way open PvP to be refreshing and to open up many new possibilities.
I mentioned this in a post elsewhere, but the way I see it is: battlecloak on, drinking raktajino in a battle zone, observing the casual Fed. roaming around. A Romulan ship decloaks and catches the Fed. off guard by surprise, they engage each other and then - well it's bye bye Rommie time! Oh, the possibility to blast those green warbirds seems so fun!
If Romulan faction ever comes, I'm giving the Feds. more breathing space and setting my targeting systems to green!

I was wondering, how would other KDF players see and act on the Romulans in game?
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