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More targets! Bring 'em on!
Warbirds blow up pretty.

In a perfect world of STO, I would have loved to see 4 full factions, fleshed out with a good selection of inherent faction ships. Not this terrible looking mismatched fleet we have now with ships mixed in from too many sources on whatever side.

I would have loved to see with some stories:

Federation - Stretched to the very limits, more so than the terrible Dominion War from decades past. In between the Borg, Undine (which they choose to ignore), and the war with the Klingons, as well as trying to defend by far the largest single territory in the quadrant, Starfleet is stretched to its limits. Unlike the Dominion War, it has no outside allies of any notable strength. The Klingons are again enemies, Cardassia is still a smouldering ruin, and of all the idiotic things, the Federation insists in interfering with the Romulans' internal affairs. Starfleet is still easily the largest military power in the quadrant, but it's stretched far too thin. The quadrant is going to crash down on the Federation, and Starfleet must meet the threats while spread out all over the place.

Klingon Empire - Klingons live for battle and a chance to earn glory. And the quadrant is in total chaos. Across the quadrant, everybody is focused primarily on the war between the Klingons and Federation. And what better joy is there to make small jabs at their old racial enemies, the Romulans as a sideshow? But only the Klingons seem to comprehend the extend of the Undine threat which still persists, not to mention new Borg incursions. But the Chancellor knows that the Empire is on the verge of putting itself in the same position as the Federation... war and glory is good, but grand strategy shows that with all the threats out there and a tough war with the Federation, the Empire will be stretched too thin.

Romulan Star Empire - As an officer in the Romulan navy, you are serving an Empire that has been terribly weakened and fragmented. The loss of Romulus will never be healed. There is a breakaway element of the Romulans, and the Remans have taken advantage for independence in light of the Empire's weakness, and there's little it can do to stop it at the moment. Even the vaunted Tal Shiar has suffered severe reversals. The original government left by Empress Sela is in shambles due to her disappearance and several powerful figures are vying for the throne. On top of this, both the Federation and Klingons, seeing the Empire at its weakest state in its history have seen fit to meddle with its internal affairs. They both seek to break up any chance of the Romulans from reunifying any of its strength left from the home planet's destruction.

IMO, the Romulans have a very great potential for a storied campaign of revenge.
- You will participate in a civil war between competitors trying to replace Sela as Emperor / Empress. Eventually, one will be decided. Maybe Sela herself returns?
- With the original Romulan Empire's government and power more solidified, it is now time to take action against these "Reunification" separatists in New Romulus, and to finish for good the rebelling Remans. The Romulan military with its rallied Tal Shiar will wage a campaign of annihalation. To crush these Reunification and Reman separatists. Wipe them out... all of them. Beat the Romulan Reunificationists into submission. Break the Remans for good so that they will never, ever be in strength anymore to stab the backs of the Empire.
- In dealing with the Reunificationists and Reman rebels, this will draw the ire of both the Federation and Klingon Empire. Encountering their forces as you increasingly grind the rebels under the Empire's heel will be expected. And you will deal with them. After all, it is their will that they wanted to interfere in Romulan internal affairs. It is the Federation and Klingons that both decided to carve up and divide the Empire at its weakest point in history. The Romulan military will wage another campaign to drive out for good the Federation and Klingon invaders out of its space.
- With the forceful, bloody, and very satisfying effort in kicking out the Federation, Klingons, and destroying any hint of rebellion, the newly reunified Romulan Star Empire needs to recover. But at the same time, insults from recent years cannot be ignored. To keep its neighboring foes at bay, the Romulan Empire seeks to solidify its power, but it must send some forces still to conduct offensives to keep the Federation and Klingons on their toes. They must be taught a lesson that they must again respect Romulan military might. What better way to do it than launching attacks on their bases along the Neutral Zones? And to send long ranged, cloaked strike forces deep behind their territories to cause chaos and destruction?

Lots of insults have been levied against the Romulan Empire while it was weak. Now it's time for the Empire to return the favor...

Dominion - TBD... but they do know what's going on in the Alpha Quadrant. And they do relish the alliance that once stood against them has shattered completely. The fact that DS9, a location of such strategic importance, fell (although temporary) to a single, lost Dominion fleet speaks volumes about the strength of its old foes. Opportunity awaits...

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