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Originally Posted by shpoks View Post
But on another note guys, I know that it's not a C-Store ship, but the Kamarag/K'maj are really not a copy of the Ambassador/Yamaguchi. The only thing they have in common is the Boff layout, they have differences in hull, shields, ability to mount DHC, cloak and turn rate. Not to mention that the Ambassador was already existing canon design, while they made a new design so the can have the Kamarag/K'maj in game for the KDF. I can name quite a few dedicated KDF players that were asking for a sci-oriented Klingon design in game for some time now and wellcomed these with open hands.
I know, the disparity we have is terrible, but we need to give credit where credit is due and not disregard everything.
Y'know what, you're right. They're not exact copies of each other, and there are a lot of differences between the two, which I really didn't notice at first glance.
I still maintain that the design philosophy behind the Kamarag was "let's take the Ambassador-class and make it all Klingony," but Cryptic/PWE really did change a lot more around than I first noticed. Practically the only stats that are the same between them are their BOff layout, their console allocation, and their shield modifier.
And you are right, it does fill a much-needed role in the KDF, since not everyone is willing to wrestle with the Vo'quv's endearingly atrocious handling (or to fork over C-points for the almost-working Varanus support ship like I did) in order to get some science powers.
I was being a little over-critical of the Kamarag, and that wasn't fair to it, or to the Dev team.

That said, the Kamarag is still an example of borrowing from one faction to hand over to the other. But, looking over the stat differences a little closer this time, it may actually be one of the better examples of this being done right than of it being done lazily, as I had cited it earlier.
The over-use of copying and borrowing primed me for what I readily admit was an unfair reaction.

Since my Federation character's flying an Ambassador right now, I should probably dust off my Kamarag and see what it flies like. That should shut me up. : P

EDIT: Just flew a run of Empire Defense and a Borg Invasion encounter in a dead-simple Kamarag lay-out. It definitely flies much differently than the Ambassador-- the improved Turn Rate and much lower Inertia Rating makes it almost agile, while at the same time sliding all over the freaking place like it was wearing Frosted Boots. It's a very different ship to try to handle, so I'm now much more inclined to agree with you, Shpoks.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going back to my Varanus. .:|

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