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03-16-2013, 02:22 PM
I don't mind making the elites as hard as the old ones however, do NOT touch the regulars. I'm a casual player and I do not want to do something difficult, that's fine if other people want to turn their gameplay into a second job, but I want the reputation system to remain the same.

This game has multiple types of players, catering the single portion of the players isn't going to improve it. I never do elites unless I'm with fleeties and they have their super powerful ships doing these things and I only go to elites when my fleeties ask me to go.

Some of us just want to relax when we play games, and making the entire STF experience a single experience especially like the old bug ridden experience I had when I first started this game, is so NOT an improvement for me. I just finished my borg set but I definitely need to get the maco set for my ship without spending hours dying for a single drop. That's not fun for everyone.