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# 1 Why STO PVP tournaments fail
03-16-2013, 04:01 PM
I am really sad about the efforts people put into trying to get a tournament started and it goes nowhere.
Just been thinking about why this happens and here is my humble opinion on it.

Complexity of rules - Yup, thats it. Nothing else.

So this is what i would suggest to CSI or TFS to really kickstart your tournaments:

Only ban the known stuff that is broke or vastly overpowered:

Dkora EMP burst
Boarding parties with an uncurable cooldown bug
Grav pulse
Drain builds
Limiting Aceton assimilator numbers
Arguably the cluster torpedo because of the chain crit issue
Arguably the doffs used with scramble sensors

Dont bother limiting / banning anything else. Not many have the patience or the will to strip builds down to be tournament compliant so therefore you gimp the success of the tournament before it starts.

Pandas would be willing to host, but that in itself would gimp the tournament

I really do think and believe that a big PVE fleet should host it due to neutrality.
This way, there would be no "he said, she said BS" and we could just get on with the fun part: Blowing your opponents up

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