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# 87 RP Tiny Tidbits
03-16-2013, 05:55 PM
Originally Posted by tacofangs View Post
I'm not an RPer, mostly because I can't keep a straight face while doing so, and often diverge into things that I find amusing, usually only leading to the real RPers getting mad at me. But I have an appreciation for it. This is a good article/video, thanks for doing it.

I'm curious, I often hear that STO isn't set up for RP, or doesn't support the RP community, but I never hear specifics. What are some things we (Cryptic) could be doing to support you guys better, without negatively impacting those who are not interested? Is there something specifically on the Environment side of things that I could keep in mind going forward? I'm always up for suggestions on other socialish places to include in maps besides bars/restaurants, but time/existing assets/lack of ideas often lead to more bars, etc.
Well, Tacofangs, while I myself am also not an active "group RPer" (busy, busy, busy in RL, and don't ask me to dress up in a tunic, phaser, and tights because I am too self-conscious to try it without a camera rolling and a paycheck coming in from CBS), please allow me to offer some Tiny Tidbits of STO goodness that could be added to the game for the sake of creating an appealing immersive experience. I, for one, can appreciate the subtleties of RP from an online-solo-playing (i.e. private) point of view, even if I don't jump right into the group RP dynamic (give me some time and maybe we'll see).

These may or may not involve simple fixes or mods, but are definitely good things to think about while going forward:

Tiny tidbits #1: Make the images of accolades into actual uniform badges that can be displayed from the tailor options (i.e. on formal uniforms) or selected in the Overview. It'd be fun to show off the accolades we fight for (or grind, as the case may be) on our uniforms instead of just in the character title (I'd LOVE to show off the Silver Star Award in-game!).

Tiny Tidbits #2: Change the "Go to Tactical View" from bridge, and the "Visit Bridge" from sector space, NON-transporter beam-in/out. Where am I transporting to? Space? Gack!!! Can't breath out hheee..... (you get it).

Tiny Tidbits #3: (Related to TT #2) Beam on board ships where one would expect to: the transporter room. We do it on ESD, we do it on Hathor, we do it on the Fleet Starbase... Why must we ALWAYS beam directly to the bridge? Why do our visitors do so, as well? At least make it an option toggle... you know, for those days when we want to skip the RP mystique and get down to STFing.

These are just a few ideas that I missed sharing at the last RPRoundtable (yes, I attend and contribute to the discussion even though I am a fringe kinda guy) due to Real Life stuff (University research on black holes, no kidding) taking priority. I will be coming up with more, though, so stay tuned!...