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03-16-2013, 07:12 PM
What boggles me is that for minimal effort, the AFkers could get vastly more marks that they desire. It just doesn't make sense; it's just so self-defeating.

I have intentionally failed optionals/borked missions due to AFKers. Just the other day, I left ISE because of one. I didn't want to, but I refuse to support them. The rest of the team was cruisers, so i'm sure the reset were gonna leave if it was only 3 people active.

Something needs to be done about them; they are only *slightly* above EBAY scammers, child molesters and the people that talk too much in movie theaters.

At least Mine Trap doesn't penalize you for leaving early. But the downside is that it needs at least 15 people to trigger, more at peak hours.

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