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# 1 Of Bajor - Shortest path?
03-16-2013, 06:46 PM
I'm trying to equip my away team with XI Jem'Hadar equipment. The weapon and shield are no problem, I just run the missions. But "Of Bajor" drags on for far too long.

The character I am playing as is a Tactical officer, and the firewall runaround is a blood boiler.

Next I do STUDYING SOLDIERS because Jem'Hadar seem to die faster.

Up next I run SCRUTINIZING STARSHIPS because my escort is a beast and I don't like chasing things.

For Colonel Pohl I do OCCUPATION OVERREACTION Because aside from one argument, you can F-spam through it,

followed by PETITION THE PROPHETS so I don't have to muck about with plants.

Is this the shortest path possible? Or am I missing something?