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Originally Posted by beefsupreme79 View Post
and you would be wrong. join a klingon pvp arena or c and h and see how many of you re teammate bops cloak before alpha...
Not to mention raptors, they cloak a fair amount as well. Battlecruisers I can see not cloaking, there isn't much point to it. They're supposed to draw fire and tank, so it's ultimately best if they remain uncloaked while the BoPs and raptors circle around looking for a good target to attack.

The main use for the cloak in most situations is the advantage of surprise, and it's not undefeatable. In order to get the devastating alphastrikes, they have to get within 5km. . .well within range of sci ship detection.

In a PvP situation outside of Ker'rat, I wouldn't cloak nearly as much in my Hegh'ta, because cloaking makes you vulnerable to attack for a few seconds. It takes too long to escape a fight, recloak, and then come back in. . .better to just dogfight until you're about to get squished. In Ker'rat, there's more time and tactical flexibility.

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