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03-16-2013, 08:01 PM
Actually I think they fail mostly because the PvP community lacks an authority on what is broken and what is not aside from Cryptic who says everything is working as intended.

But authority requires power, and power cannot be taken only given. I have yet to see the community get over itself, push egos out of the way, and grant any person or group that authority. Honestly though that has more to do with the era we live in than anything else in my experience it is a very common problem everywhere.

You want a tornie to succeed? Get a few of the prominent fleet leaders together and have them nominate someone to become that authority. Said fleet leaders agree to abide by whatever rules that authority chooses if they like them personally or not. They should be allowed to give input and advise don't get me wrong, but they agree to be bound to those rules and play with them even if they hate them.

Look there is a reason why representative democracy (mostly) works and is a stable form of government compared to true democracy or I can't think of the other one but an organized anarchy. Bah I'll google it and edit later.