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You want a tornie to succeed? Get a few of the prominent fleet leaders together and have them nominate someone to become that authority. Said fleet leaders agree to abide by whatever rules that authority chooses if they like them personally or not. They should be allowed to give input and advise don't get me wrong, but they agree to be bound to those rules and play with them even if they hate them.
Sounds legitimate, unfortunately we all experienced in practice how something like this already ended up badly (I cant remember all the details).

Bringing together all the fleet leaders sounds diplomatic, democratic, or whatever you call it. And it all sounds very decent when they are here together on the same voice server.

Unfortunatly what happens next is that topics that has been discussed and agreed upon is being discussed internally in the relevant fleets, being twisted (Intentionally or unintentionally, that doesnt really matter), is being relayed back to other people and fleets, etc. you know where that is leading to.

PvE fleets can be a good idea, but they are often very 'RP/PvE oriented', totally have different views on PvP related aspects, often have some sort of strict internal structure (hierarchy) and I think that will bring us to a relatively strict tournament altogether.

I think alot of us are mature enough that one of the PvP fleets can organize such a tournament, and I'm pretty sure that most of us decent guys all know what abilities, consoles, etcetera are considered OP or bugged.

Hence, OP is not the same as annoying. I know tons of people that find something 'annoying' i.e. AMS and call it OP because of that, but mathematically speaking (Yep, at the end its all maths going on behind the scenes) its really not that OP especially because you give up a free console slot which (can be cleared in an instant) could just as well have been a passive Neutronium MK XII console that gives you a significant boost to your hull throughout the whole match.

There will always be differences of opinions though. But let the people decide if they want to participate in a tournament where only the most Bugged/Overpowered factors have been banned based on the opinions of the majority of the PvP community.

I'm pretty you can throw out a list of stuff thats OP and where most people will agree with. There you go, you got a tournament. Dont ban any setups, factions, classes, because none of that is OP. A decision to go with the ship, faction, team setup you prefer is open to anyone.

I can imagine people that dont have a cstore or pay2win ship are against these open rules, but come on. We are so far away from the introduction to the free to play model in STO now, if you don't want to open your pocket and want to play a game 100% free, just stay in Kerrat or Cap'n'Lulz.

Having that said, lockbox ships or any pay2win consoles have never been a guarantee for a win, not in a 1v1, not in a 5v5. I'm sorry in advance if you have never experienced it though, would be a bummer, yet I constantly see the same argument that this would always be the case, its simply not.

Yep, I will not deny that having two of the exact same setups, a bug versus a defiant, the bug will outclass the defiant. Granted, everyone can see that. (Excluding cloak dynamics) but lets be honest, you won't succeed in a tournament denying those ships (Except for the special cases, 'themed' tournaments etc lol mai kai) because nobody will join, so your only option is to allow. Sure, still a small bunch won't sign up, but the amount of people that won't join is much smaller.

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