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Originally Posted by gulberat View Post
Thanks! I don't always take the kindest view of the Federation, and when Marcus told me about that incident that happened to his character, it only reinforced my impressions.

I would also add that in canon the Academy was involved in a lot of shady business during the time frame when Alyosha was there. You had two super-elite units allowed to run amok and get so full of themselves that they got people killed or did serious damage: Nova Squadron and Red Squad. And you had the commandant of the Academy soon involved in sending cadets on a mission to the front lines, during the Dominion War (Valiant), from a unit already disgraced after the attempted coup on Earth.

So to judge from DS9, something was really rotten at Starfleet Academy, which made me think the commandant was just a flat out tool. That's why I wrote him that way.

You may have noticed Lieutenant Quinn's discomfort, though. I thought that having witnessed that incident--and being very uncomfortable with the way Chaxx was acting (and maybe regretting not taking a more direct role in stopping it) would explain why Admiral Quinn, by 2409, demonstrates a trusting, mentoring attitude towards Alyosha rather than a prejudiced one. Why he accepts Alyosha on his merits.

As for Kane--well, marcusdkane deserves the lion's share of the credit for that.
Oh agreed, DS9 took a very dark view of what war does to the Federation, and I really like the idea that the mistakes of the Dominion War led to admirals like Quinn, who saw it firsthand, making better choices. Then again, we've got people like Drake running around so maybe some things never change...

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Thanks for your notes!

That transition is supposed to be a bit abrupt, as Jesu and Rusty are walking in on the middle of a combat exercise for the bridge crew. I apologize if I didn't make that clear. I tried to emphasize at the beginning and end of the battle scene that it was just a simulation.
Gah, I somehow didn't register that, even though, upon rereading it, you make it pretty clear! I take it back, the confusing abruptness and calm of everyone upon fighting multiple Borg cubes is perfect.