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03-16-2013, 10:35 PM
Game designers have a resource budget for how much detail they are allowed to put into a ship, there is no such thing as a curve in 3d computer graphics, it's all polygons, little triangles connected together, 15 to 20 thousand polys is about normal, a hundred thousand would be extreme and a million polys would be insane, there is an associated limitation on the size of the materials file(paint job) attached to that ship. They are not going to waste what limited budget they have adding some minor curve or whatever that would never even be seen in normal game play. This is not a single player game with one big detailed ship against a bunch of distant targets, it's multiplayer where in some areas there can be a hundred ships all working independently along with all the bits of scenery that also have to be rendered, the graphics engine has to be able to accommodate that and it has to be able to run on a wide range of computers, not just high end machines with the most expensive graphics cards, so trade-offs of detail for performance have to be made.
Certainly there are designs with serious flaws that need to be addressed, but anyone expecting studio model perfection can just keep on dreaming, because it's not going to happen.
If you want the devs to take this thread seriously, then be realistic and reasonable in your expectations.

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