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Oh agreed, DS9 took a very dark view of what war does to the Federation, and I really like the idea that the mistakes of the Dominion War led to admirals like Quinn, who saw it firsthand, making better choices. Then again, we've got people like Drake running around so maybe some things never change...
Yeah...and Alyosha has made it pretty clear what will happen if he ever catches up with Drake again.

The thing with the Academy, though, was that IMHO the institution was corrupt before the war began. TNG's "The First Duty" (which is our first look into Academy corruption) occurred before the war. I find myself thinking of these schools in our time, to include military academies, where there are secret societies, authorities turning a blind eye to hazing and abuse, and similar things. I suspect the Academy to be the same thing.

I also think Alyosha's experiences there are an additional reason he chose the science track. He saw that the worst of the corruption was focused on what was back then the command track (as opposed to STO's tactical track). He wanted nothing to do with things like Nova Squadron or Red Squad.

I think a culture change happened in Starfleet, though, sometime on the Path to 2409 ( ). I wish we'd seen more about it, but it seems that Starfleet eventually realized that commanders of many backgrounds could be capable starship commanders, and allowed them to keep their department colors even in the big chair. Have I missed where that's addressed in STO's lore? I would be curious to see it if it has.

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