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03-17-2013, 02:12 AM
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Oh good I'm not alone then.

If you guys want a really awesome mission my fleet leader has one for both Fed and KDF, its a massive space battle based on rpg stories he wrote awhile ago. I quite enjoy playing it alot however its not a spotlight mission.

You still get 1400 odd dil out of it though plus drops, there seems to be more drops on the KDF side and the mission is in reverse. To find it type


into the search bit and it will come up, pretty sure its actually called "Battle of Hells Keep" on fed side but not sure what it is on KDF.
If you up for a good fight you could try my Series "Crucible of Battle". Its in five parts, and most folks have loved save to say they complain the combat is too much.

But, I am a devout PvPer so intended the combat to feel like Arena I like combat to feel like PvP.

I should warn you though it does get off to a slow start to set the scene.