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I don't know if a topic like this exist. If not, then I'm the first so, here I go:

First off, we all know STO has a "Music Player" in the mini-map tab list. What this player does is play whatever song or list of songs you currently have in your opened Winamp player.

My question is for those who use this feature: what song(s) do you listen to with the music player while playing STO?

For me, I prefer to play songs during specific events, such as Tour the Universe, Starfleet Academy, or Borg STFs or ground battles during missions.

For example, for Tour the Universe, I usually play songs that invoke the theme of travel, or music from movies that show travel, like Billy Ocean's "When the Going Gets Tough" from The Jewel of the Nile end credits, or Van Halen's "Dance the Night Away," from Mission to Mars.

For the Borg STFs and ground battles, the only song I mostly play all the time is Asia's "Lay Down Your Arms," from Freddie as F.R.O.7. The song seems fitting for me when I do STFs as it invokes the theme of the battle between good and evil during an adventure. Another song for STFs is the anime theme "Battlefield" by Rio Asaba&Satsy. Also, Linkin Park songs are a good alternative if you prefer Alternative Rock tunes, like "Castle of Class," "Points of Authority," etc.

So, anyone else besides me using their music player on STO? And if so, what music do you like to listen to? OTHER than Star Trek music?

Give me your music lists and tell me your musical pleasures. =3