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03-17-2013, 03:26 AM
5. Defera City - Hard. We often encounter times when the Newly-Assimilated and Partially-Assimilated Deferi will disappear when you activate the node, and you have to wait for it all to cycle through and autocomplete. To make matters worse, this actually is more reliable means of finishing than if the node was NOT bugged! On the non-bug nodes, we can do the entire mission normally, but then not get credit for completion! We then have to do it all over again!

6. Defera Temple - Hard. At times, we can run the entire mission, but not get credit for completion. Note that we are ALL alive, NO drones remain, and the drones were all killed BEFORE the timer countdown ended. Still no complete, and we have to redo it all.

5. Defera Power Plant - Hard. If we accidentally kill the Elite Tactical Drone (the named one) before we were supposed to, the mission is stuck, we are locked in the room, and we all have to change instance just to get out of that room.

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