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03-17-2013, 05:19 AM
Greetings and Ahoy!

This is Lacea, President of UFP Starfleet. We are a family friendly, no strings attached
fleet with a simple and fair ranking system. Our members are from all over the world with
the majority coming from the US, UK and Germany. Our starbase is currently T4 with the
shipyard already finished. We left out most eyecandies favouring functionality and their
benefits for all players. Same applies to our embassy, which is in the finishing stages of

We are in an alliance with 4 other fleets for commom stfs, mission help, etc with a shared
interfleet chat channel.

Also we have a Klingon companion fleet called 'Children of Gre'thor'. Assets there are not
so so advanced there like on the blue side but anyway, if you have a klingon toon with no
home as well, you're very welcome to join in as well. In addition to that we have a website with a forum, that offers information, advice, discussion and fun around STO

Players of all levels and experience are welcome, quiet and chatty ones...

So if you're interested, feel free to pm/mail me at @fcsp1910 or get in touch via channel 'UFPStarfleetchat'



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