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03-17-2013, 05:36 AM
Hi there peoplez, I have many ships and the reasons for the names are complex, made in seconds due to mood and stuff, here's my main ship names I have used.

I.K.S. Toilet Paper - This is literally a joke to kirk and uranus jokes, it also tells my enemies that they are soon to be whiped off the map, and to be given a "weak hull" image and to show what the truth is, in big assplosion.

I.K.S. D00M - This is my karfi carrier, have you heard the saying "are you readying your doom?" or something similar, can't remember at this state of my soul.

A.K.S. Fridgerator - This was literally something somebody told me to name it, flying fridge, a temporal destroyer.

I.K.S. Potato - This name is literally by the looks of the ship, another name I were thinking of giving to this ship was I.K.S. Cucumber, It was kinda like taken by my another ship. What can you think of a patrol cruiser?

I.K.S. Jihad - This is simply my tholian shuttle, fast, agile, yepp... nuff said.

I.K.S. Moist Cucumber - This is my Fleet Norgh, bought it literally to troll people with the weak sauce hull, and the speed it has. Speedy cucumbers are moist.

I.K.S. Memory of Lilli - This is literally a contribution to my dearest cat, which died last summer, a guramba destroyer, destroyer of all lies.

I.K.S. Moon - This is my ferengi ship and it literally has just visual look, another idea was to name it to I.K.S. Croissant. I simply thought Moon was cooler.

I.K.S. Tribble - This is always name of my B'rels because getting instapopped by a tribble is always hilarous.

I.K.S. Station - This is simple name to my Vo'Quvs, simply because they are big metal chickens.


That is list of my more and less unique ship names I use, peace out!
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