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Originally Posted by grouchyotaku View Post
So was this a response to 'your' post in that thread? or to someone else's post??? If you want a response for 'your problem' then...
If you continue with the continual stream of non-responsive, non-helpful posts in this thread I'm going to have to report you for trolling. I pointed out that the user received a "guess" pointing them to something on their end, while just yesterday in this thread staff clearly owned up to the responsibility being theirs.

If you can't help, stop trolling this thread. There are a lot of people having problems, and all you have is a broken record telling people to run tracerts over and over that don't help since a) PWE's network engineers...if they have any..have seen more than enough data to sort it out, b) they...they, they, they, they...should be the ones triggering remote connections from diverse endpoints to test this, and c) acceptable pings are coming from people who can't move zones without disconnecting and rubber-banding like there is no tomorrow. None of that generic tracert shows packet loss or timeout/retry commands being sent back by a node along the way.

I'll give you a suggestion though: If you really are that well versed in TCP and networking in general, how about seeing if there is a way to force route around cogento...since people are suggesting that's the problem instead of PWEs own network? Then explain to everyone else what forced routing is, and how to use the route command to add a static route to their routing tables. That way, at least, you'll have something useful to contribute to those of us having issues.

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