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03-17-2013, 06:33 AM
Am I the only person here who has noticed what is the real issue here?
The community is.... we have cruiser users crying about their ships not having enough dps, and escort guys crying they get insta-killed all the time... With proper tanking donatra never kills anyone but i guess it's better to just ask cryptic to "NERF EVERYTHINK NAU!" just because most people don't understand that (most of the time) if your way of playing doesn't work very well it's most likely your fault not the game's (well, 100k+ normal torpedos are an exception). And I'm not implying here that you should all switch to cruisers... The design of ESTFs is very well thought out (again, not counting 100k+ standard plasma torps) but there's an another problem with the game mechanics - cruisers (which are the equivalent of a knight-tank class in other MMOs) don't have any active agro-changing abilities... We do have threat control but the problem is that it doesn't seem to work well on some NPCs(Hive ....) while it works wonders on others - I don't remember the last time I've lost agro on Donatra during a PUG but unfortunately there's also another problem - hardly any cruiser specs into threat control because:

a) they want to be DPS_MASTAHs
b) they don't want to die more (i've seen Odysseys get killed by one sphere on KASE...)
c) ESTFs can be easily finished by an escorts-only team without a tank cruiser or a sci support ship
(by escort players I mean real escort players not some WTF-1k-DPS-Skittles-Sprayer)