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Originally Posted by djdamc View Post
hardly any cruiser specs into threat control because:

a) they want to be DPS_MASTAHs
b) they don't want to die more (i've seen Odysseys get killed by one sphere on KASE...)
c) ESTFs can be easily finished by an escorts-only team without a tank cruiser or a sci support ship
(by escort players I mean real escort players not some WTF-1k-DPS-Skittles-Sprayer)
Wrong on a few counts. The main reason that cruisers don't spec into Threat control is because it's not a ship specific skill. And the reason a lot of PLAYERS don't spec into threat control is because there is no off switch. I fly all 3 ship classes, and tbh, if I had TC active on my comet or escorts, I would have issues. TC on my cruisers? Psssh. But on my other ships, not nearly as ideal. And I am sure I am not the only one. Put a toggle switch for that skill, and all of a sudden you will see more tanking cruisers actually tanking.
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