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03-17-2013, 08:47 AM
Originally Posted by thenumber55 View Post
DNS isnt about traffic routing, it is only address translation

once your "in the game" your computer and the server are talking and no longer need the DNS tables to traslate www.*****.com to what ever the IP is
Sorry! I meant VPN. This weekend has been a li8ttle frustrating with this whole issue. The two main main ones I used went through two separate locations. One was in Dulles, VA and the other in Seatle, WA. The trace routes on both were very different but seemed to still have issues. Through Seatle, WA, I seemed to get lucky more with less disconnections during map transfers but they still happen. On a connection that is 25Mbit down and 10Mbits up and getting those speeds through both company VPN's, the issue has got to be something either closer to, if not Cryptic.

The only issue that seems to stand out that I can't explain is a friend on a cable connection about 30 minutes away has no issues but I am on a Fiber DSL service. Perhaps that possibly has something to do with the current issues.

Edit: Witht he mention of Cogentco, I didn't see anything from Cogentco show up through the Seatle, WA VPN connection.

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