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03-17-2013, 09:47 AM
I am Malik JaS.

I.S.S. Marauder
Mirror Patrol Escort
It's a powerful little thing, does need some retrofitting though.

I.S.S. Versailles
Mirror Assault Cruiser
I really love cruisers despite being a tac captain. They're just too majestic which is why I named it Versailles since it turns just about as well as a gaudy palace in space anyway.

[Mirror Vessels because they're cheap, ha. It fits though walking around wearing the Fallen title anyway. I secretly defected to the Terran Empire.]

U.S.S. Harlequin
Long Range Science Vessel
Wearing the Jem'Hadar set with Polaron weapons and a nice purple paint job.

U.S.S. Rapture
Support Cruiser Refit
I love Bioshock.

U.S.S. Vendetta
NCC-93828 (3828 = FUCT)
Odyssey Tactical Cruiser
The largest and most boat like of all. Rage is a terrible thing to waste. Besides I just couldn't let myself use some happy-go-lucky uplifiting name for a fancy Fed Cruiser.

U.S.S. Vesuvius
Danube Runabout
It'll probably just die, then explode causing chaos and death to rain down upon enemies...or not. Sucks to suck.