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03-17-2013, 08:57 AM
Originally Posted by jcsww View Post
The only issue that seems to stand out that I can't explain is a friend on a cable connection about 30 minutes away has no issues but I am on a Fiber DSL service. Perhaps that possibly has something to do with the current issues.
The only significant difference (as far as Internet connections are concerned) between a Cable and a DSL connection is that DSL has a lower upload speed. Both Cable and DSL have lower upload speeds then download speeds, but DSL more so.

The primary difference would be the route and the backbone providers to the STO servers, and no doubt your cable friend has a significantly different route to the STO servers then you do. (You can confirm this by comparing Trace Route outputs...) I myself have no problems with my connection to STO from my northern California Comcast ISP.

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