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03-17-2013, 09:07 AM
Originally Posted by midniteshadow7 View Post
Okay - been doing more looking around!

It seems that although I have access to the Tribble shard from the launcher, it will not allow me to login any more. Nor can I copy over any characters.

As being registered for Tribble is the criteria for using XMPP, I am guessing that this is why I cannot login in to that either.

I shall raise an in-game support ticket and see where that gets me!
I can now login into Tribble, but I am still unable to copy over a character.

Originally Posted by brish01 View Post
Better question? Youre a gold member, since I cant remember what you said about tribble, also note, if you may have to dlelte a toon on tribble in order to copy over.

As far as the XMMP I was *under* the impression that you had to be gold/lifer. But I personally dont use the program =|
I was a Gold member and a member pre-F2P. I moved down to Silver a little while ago, but the XMPP chat had been working whilst I was a Silver player.

Originally Posted by dazzaj View Post
I heard one of the requirements for it to work was that you needed to be registered as a beta tester.
Maybe something went funny with your account and its glitched out your tribble access?

as my XMPP through Trillian is still working here.
I was not a beta tester and it had been working for a long time, so I know that is not one of the reasons.

So far I've not heard anything back from my support ticket, but as mention above I can now access previously copied over characters on Tribble!
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